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If you are looking to relocate to Prescott and buy a new home or just thinking about new home possibilities we are very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and it would our pleasure to get you acquainted and help you find your new home.

It’s not only a house that makes a home, but also the right community, schools, shopping and dining, nightlife, outdoors, proximity to a workplace and more. There’s a contagious enthusiasm to moving to Prescott and the nearby Quad Cities. You will find most things you are looking for within the area from music festivals to downtown farmers markets, restaurants, shopping, many indoor and outdoor activities. Newcomers can easily find the qualities they’re looking for in this hometown.

Our concierge service can also provide clients access to a network of reputable service providers, from contractors, and home improvement and decorating professionals, to Lenders and appraisers, inspection specialists and more.

Colleen’s Relocation kit includes:

Colleen’s special relocation information packet is a good start for anyone considering a move to the Prescott area. Here are a few of the things included to help you get your creative juices flowing:
• A complete map of the Prescott area, including neighborhoods, streets, public transportation, schools, parks, public areas, shopping centers and major landmarks.
• Popular restaurants guide, shopping areas, local attractions and entertainment around the city.
• A current copy of the Daily Courier, our local newspaper, so you can read up on all the latest news in our home town.

We can customize a package designed just for you. For a completely customized relocation guide please fill out the form below and we will get your specialized relocation guide put together just for you.

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